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--------- NPC Wars ---------

• A SIMPLE script for who likes zombie/mob fighting. You will have to kill zombies or any NPCs to get money and advance to be the best!

Rules/What can you do and what can't you do:
√ Use it
√ Use it online
√ Edit it
√ Make maps with NPCwars_ tag at begging for this script
× Reupload/say it is yours
× Edit original maps too much

Maps included:
More comming soon!

How to play
• Simply play maps that is for NPCwars or for NPCs.
• Kill zombies/NPCs and Get money
• Find shops and buy weapons

Planned Ideas
• More weapons in buy menu
• Money for each specified NPC
• Level system (May take long)
• Optionally make CTs and Ts CO-OP (No damage between 2 teams)
• Fix any known bugs
• Get suggestions from users

Change Log
> V 1.3.1
• Added admin tag (Talk as admin)
• Some spelling mistakes fixed
• Speed changed to 5 to be some more fair
> V 1.3
• F2 no longer open the shop, You must go to the place and buy!
• Added HandGun Shop
• HandGun Shop at CTs spawn and Ts spawn
• Some auto setup commands
• Now when you buy a weapon it auto-switch to it[/b]
> V 1.2 (Not Public)
• Title (Message on screen)
• Fixed some grammar mistakes
• Speed is now +10
> V 1.1
• Added Air Strike to buy menu
• Added Ability menu!
More >

> V 1.0
• First public release

@user EngiN33R - Small help at the buy menu
@user Jynxxx - Small help at the buy menu

Important: For V 1.3 update replace the map!

PS, Comments/ratings disabled, File is simple, Ill save it as my first big lua here. For who likes it. Download it normally. And from now updating this script may not be fast (Or completely stopped).
PS, Reuploaded, Old downloads: 52
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