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Chat Message Sounds v1.2
(New: Version 1.2)


This simple Lua script for Counter-Strike 2D will play a relatively unobtrusive sound effect when a player sends a chat message to all players within the game (using the game's built-in "say" command), as well as a slightly different sound effect when a player sends a team chat message (using the game's built-in "sayteam" command).

These two tiny sound effect files will be be heard by all players within the game (or all players on the same team), and are edited versions of the message notification sound effect used by Valve's Steam Client ("Steam\Friends\Message.wav"). This sound effect used by the Steam Client is a fairly unobtrusive (but yet still audible) sound effect, hence the two edited versions of the sound effect should not be a deterrence within the game in the least.

This Lua script will also print a message in the server's console any time that a player sends a chat message (or a team chat message) within the game. This is handy for browsing and searching though your server log files for any chat messages that any of the players may have sent during the game. Note that you can use Windows Notepad to search through your server log files for the "All Chat Message" and "Team Chat Message" entries to find the players' chat messages.

Lastly, note that this Lua script (and sound effects) could be slightly annoying when used on a server where many of the players are nonsensically babbling away. But, on a server where the players are not complete chattermouths (i.e. NOT using the game as a "social media alternative", but rather ACTUALLY playing the game), the script will prove handy so that a player does not miss an important message from another player (or another team member).

Click Spoiler for complete readme, usage instructions, and version history, also included in the ZIP:

Spoiler >


The few things that I've uploaded and shared here in the CS2D file archives are simply for my own enjoyment, amusement, and information

If someone else finds them useful, fun, helpful, or informational, that's great. If not, oh well, so be it (I could not care less)... they are ONLY for *MY* enjoyment, amusement, and information in the first place.

Hence, I could not care less about "comments", "download counts", "likes", "dislikes", "unlikes", "shared likes", "I don't like", "no leik", and the like. :wink:


P.S. For those who "NO piccy NO clicky", two TOTALLY unnecessary (although pertinent) screenshots have been uploaded.
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