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09.03.13 10:17:31 am
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I moved the old description to the spoiler, because I just realized I was mega-cringe, even more so than I am today, and post-booze clarity gave me a new insight on this. I won't mark this edit as new, because sadly this game is dead, but whatever.

The picture below shows whole map export. I thought about streamlining this map and removing the middle paths by walling them in, but no time to do that. Do as you wish, enjoy it, burn it on your CD, claim it is shit.

All owners are in the Spoiler tag, and respectfully, they were/are the Gods among long forgotten unrealsoftware.de golden times. Perhaps DC will one day release the long anticipated and highly acclaimed Russia simulator Stranded 3, where you play in a country that is blowing up my relatives and is commiting war crimes and checking the boxes in Geneva conventions, I mean, recommendations. But eh, until then, whatever.

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09.03.13 10:36:46 am
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Well, this is pretty big-ass map (at least for me), for de_
However, it looks fine and smooth.
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