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old Satchel Charge Script

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with the satchelcharge script, there is the "possibility to detonate satchel charges using cursor."
it can be disabled with f4.
Additionally a circle is drawn around the pointer, which can be disabled in the lua script.

moreover i added a simple script, so if you move over ammo you get satchel charges.

Use version 2, v1 don't work for other player exept id 1, because it looks like they detonate before the hook catch them. If you can fix it or help, it would be better than v2.

• refill_charge.lua
• satchel_charge_v1.lua (bugged)
• satchel_charge_v2.lua
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3 kb, 374 Downloads


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Never seen it, but cool idea
I like it!


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wow i think i explode i when i look this boom !
I like it!


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could be improved 3/5
I like it!


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This reminds me of Demoman's (from TF2) stickybomb launcher of a certain type

Nice script.
I like it!


Apache uwu
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Nice idea.

refill_charge.lua: Equips satchel charge to five when you walk over primary ammo

satchel_charge_v1: Shows a small circle when you have the satchel charge selected, only charges that are within the circle explode on right click

satchel_charge_v2: When F4 is pressed, it loops from a small circle, a larger one, and no circle. When there is no circle, all explode on right click

It's a nice idea -- it would go really well with both scripts on a construction server. (Primary ammo from dispenser, satchel charge from the map itself, perhaps zombies too, and targeted explosives)
I like it!


Infinite Rain
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@user iii:
Possibility to detonate satchel charges using cursor
I like it!
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what objetive for script?
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