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03.01.14 01:04:05 am
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This Script created 2014 added : 04/01/14
a simple script

> Credits

@user Rainoth: Helped me to Fix it & Sound Error

> Features

Sound Spray > Press (T) "Spray" And Its Do Different Song

Enjoy > i Hope it will Works For You
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1 comment
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03.01.14 01:17:35 am
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Good idea if the sound isn't too big for download. I hope you included the sound file as well as server files download file in the zip.

Still, you should listen to my advice and make it heard only for those who are near the player.

This would be great, were it not server sided. It would be pretty cool for everyone to have a little sound when they spray and which they choose to make. But then again all of the kids would use silly/inappropriate sounds. But I guess this is nice for "VIP" or stuff like that.

I had created sth like that long ago but it was colored sprays not sounds.

Anyways. Good.
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