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03.01.14 05:59:12 am
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Custom Trigger_If by user MikuAuahDark
This is part 2 of 2 script that i upload. Part 1: file cs2d MikuAuahDark: Move Direction V1.0(part 1 of 2) (3)

∗ Table of Contents ∗
1. Table of Contents
2. Description
3. Features
4. How to Install
5. Reserved Global Variables
6. Information
7. More Information
8. How to Use
9. Notes
10. Rules
11. Versions
12. Another MikuAuahDark scripts

∗ Description ∗
This LUA allows you to create special function for Trigger_If.
For example when you trigger a button on map that target to Trigger_If, Trigger_If can do and call a function that specified at map

∗ Features ∗
> Fast
> Only use 2 hooks
> Small
> (Maybe) Simple

∗ How to Install ∗
Install it as usual(but with *.txt instead of *.lua)

∗ Reserved Global Variables ∗
> IF

∗ Information ∗
• Hooks: 2(cs2d lua hook usebutton,cs2d lua hook triggerentity)
• Size: 740 Bytes
• Lines: 41

∗ More Information ∗
The called function from Trigger_If passes those values

id - Player ID that trigger this entity(it cannot to be triggered via script, so it never 0)
x - x position of the trigger_if
y - y position of the trigger_if
sx - x position of the button
sy - y position of the button

∗ How to Use ∗
1. Create Trigger_Use and Trigger_If
2. Link Trigger_Use to Trigger_If(It mean that when you press button, it trigger the Trigger_If)
3. On Trigger_If, fill the Trigger field with If.DoCall(WARNING: Case-Sensitive)
4. On condition field, fill it with the function name that you want to call when this entity is triggered by player
5. Done, Save, Test!(I already ensure that you already install the script in this step)

∗ Notes ∗
1. It must directly triggered by trigger_use
2. You could NOT alter/edit the IF table while this script is running
3. Feedbacks? Suggestions? always on comments
4. Pictures of course useless

∗ Rules ∗
√ You can use it (for your server)
√ You can edit it (with your own risk)
√ Say user MikuAuahDark made it and NOT made by you
√ Re-upload to another website. The file must not modified(original) and put me on credits
× Say this is yours a.k.a Steal
× Re-upload on unrealsoftware (even the edited version)

∗ Versions ∗
> V1.0
> > ADDED Initial Release

∗ Another MikuAuahDark scripts ∗
file cs2d MikuAuahDark: Move Direction V1.0(part 1 of 2) (3)(Part 1 upload)
file cs2d Timer Extra function(timerEx) v4.0 (12)
file cs2d Achievements v1.0 (7)
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by Seekay (04.12.15 01:07:37 pm)


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03.01.14 03:54:01 pm
like I like it!
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before i see your comment i could not understand.
good job!
∗ best description
03.01.14 02:26:04 pm
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the point is trigger_use and trigger_if at editor
@description : prooo, lol!
03.01.14 02:20:40 pm
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@user Infinite Rain: actually yes, but you can't know who trigger it. maybe this lua is good for beginners
03.01.14 01:18:03 pm
Infinite Rain
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You don't even need a script for that.
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