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Paint by user MikuAuahDark

∗ Table of Contents
1. Table of Contents
2. Description
3. Features
4. How to Install
5. How to Configure
6. Reserved Global Variables
7. Information/Data
8. Notes
9. Rules
10. Version History

∗ Description ∗
This lua allows you to drawing on map. The draw would be saved so it can be loaded again on server start by using same map or you can share the bmp file

∗ Features ∗
> RGB-Colors
> Recent Colors
> Draw is saved as .bmp file(fixed from minimap image generator)
> 24-bit bitmap(32-bit later)
> Draw only applies to separate maps
> Animated draw(destroy doesn't animated)
> Per-pixel draw
> Multi-gamemode compatible(you can use this script on standard, deathmatch, zombie, etc.)

∗ How to Install ∗
Install it normally like another lua scripts

∗ How to Configure ∗
Open paint.txt with text editor and find "UConfig" line
> Paint.Dir="sys/lua/paint/" - Save directory, the paint save image directory
> Paint.Write=1 - Save time in minutes, 0 = Save every any changes
> Paint.Activate="serveraction" - Ways to activate paint mode. say = say !paint to toggle, serveraction = press serveraction1(default f2) to toggle

∗ Reserved Global Variables ∗
> Paint
> Text_MinimapGen(*)
(*) - Reserved if you use minimap image generator. Otherwise it's not reserved(nil)

∗ Information/Data ∗
> Hooks: 9(cs2d lua hook startround,cs2d lua hook join,cs2d lua hook say(if Paint.Activate=="say"),cs2d lua hook serveraction,cs2d lua hook attack,cs2d lua hook attack2,cs2d lua hook clientdata,cs2d lua hook menu,cs2d lua hook second(if Paint.Write>0))
> Lines: 268
> Size: 8728 Bytes
> Press serveraction2 to open Color menu
> Use knife to start drawing. Left-click for draw, Right-click to delete, serveraction3 to pick color

∗ Notes ∗
1. Always on the first place. Feedbacks, suggestion, etc. on comments(Don't PM me)
2. Because CS2D tile:pixel is 1:32, then 32pixels represent 1 pixels on bitmap file
3. Maybe you can create small image with this
4. I'm not going to upload script for a while because i'm working on Rajagame Citylife server update

∗ Rules ∗
√ You can use it (for your server)
√ You can edit it (with your own risk, except user configuration)
√ Say user MikuAuahDark made it
√ Re-upload to another website. The file must not modified(original) and put me on credits
× Say this is yours a.k.a Steal
× Re-upload on unrealsoftware

∗ Version History ∗
> V1.0
>> >> ADDED Initial Release

∗ Code(For lazy people) ∗ >
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Miku Au Ah Gelap Gelap
08.02.14 02:16:33 pm
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Drawing in cs2d, the way for fun
I like it!
08.02.14 01:23:47 pm
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Me liek
24.01.14 09:08:04 am
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nice file, i downloaded it
* it saved as .txt file.
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