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old New RPG-7 Pack

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Thats right im back & this skin signifies the start of meh mini mod CS:S 2D HD its the same model as before but with 4 different models It has 2 RPGs with iron sights & 2 with scope sights with a choice of either HE or HEAT Tandem warheads >:3 I cant get my screen shot to work in game so yea for now just crap paint file pics But fear not the 1st person who can make good screen shots of it will be included in teh creds us {EDIT} No custom sounds files YET. There WILL b custom firing & reload sfx files when i finish them.

INSTALLATION (4 Newbies XD) WINrar extract to ur desktop them pick the file u want

Example: Scope+HEAT folder & warhead that matches IE HEAT in warhead choice folder.

once u have a rpg, rpglauncher, & rpglauncher_d files on ur desktop open up...

Start>Computer>C program files>CS2D>GFX>weapons folder & simply cut n paste

sry if i made that confusing its 12:38am here

{UPDATE} This skin no longer works with my CSS2D mod I had to reposition the players so thus the RPG isn't held correctly. its a simple fix since all I have to to is move the RPG model...but ill save that for a later time.
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44 kb, 486 Downloads


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EPIC RPG. more of the camo is better.
I like it!

old Oh wow.

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Your RPG is the best I've ever seen for now, I damn like your rocket!
I like it!


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I like it!


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pfff nice rpg-7 with rocket model
I like it!
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