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Ace Howl
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dom_maustin has written
"The real deal is here. Terrorist have no choice but to use brute force to wipe Counter-Terrorist settlement. The Counter-Terrorists' hydratic resource obsession had made them to create war with them. Will they be ever make it?"

> Map Feature
• Specifically Team Deathmatch match. Doesn't suit for constructor because... reasons .
• 4 capture points (both 2 are pre-captured for each team).
• Mainly one way to reach opponent base.
cookie This is not normal domination.
      • This map comes with LUA script. (available $0.00 (100% discount))
      • Push-based mechanics. This means:
           • You must capture through the map. Capture point that is behind current point is locked, you must proceed before advance.
           • Spawn points are behind current captured points. Gaining or losing points change your spawn location.
           • You can still buy gears normally by default.
• The giant trees (image 2) are strong enough to block bullet even lasers.

> Map Rule
• Set cs2d cmd mp_luamap to 1 before starting the map.
• If you insist on going Construction mode, I have no power there.

Before I end,
illegal Please, do not change both script and map, it will break the gameplay.
• Players? You go get it. Capturing require 3 players, though.
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4 kb, 371 Downloads


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Ace Howl
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@user Arek7477: From the translator, it wasn't a climate though. I made the theme based the Terrorist's abundancy of water supply. Hence, CT's compound looked dry and there the chunks appear.

old AREK

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Widze żę mapa ma fajny klimat zobacze..


Ace Howl
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user BcY and user Avo: Thank you .

@user Biusem: That was env_room. Gives dark room, especially inside building. Illuminates when shot or using flashlight inside it.


Reviewer Playing CS2D

Looked good for me.
I like it!


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@user Ace Howl: Really like it, i used what you told me for a map. But i got one question for you. WHAT ARE THOSE!!
Jk. How did you make the second pathway near the giant trees darker?
I like it!


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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
I like it!
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