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29.03.18 07:32:49 am
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Hello dear usgn community.

There we decide with user DatRat about some things in cs2d and what would be if they exists(as once with Pagyra about mag drops) and so made the corpses script. We even stopped it for a while when both lost interest, but then we had back into that and so, here is it!

There is 3 types of corpses:
• 3 sides of player team-skin related with or w/o wounds
• body and bodyparts
• chasm/abyss fall

Some features:
> In Standard game mode no corpses will be faded untill next round
> In Zombie mode all zombie corpses will be faded, all survivors corpses would be not faded
> In (Team)Deathmatch corpses will be faded and removed with changeable time, what limited by 5-120
> The fading time is changeable as corpse living time and will be automatically fixed if is outgoing limits
> There is also bodyparts, the timers related to them too
> Well, is not making much sense, but bodyparts have dark red flare effect while flyin', it doesnt look much like blood. Is able to off it.
> Burned out and froozen and gas infected corpses have effect on the floor, they leave smoke.
> Different wound types. Bullet(1-5 randomly posed) wounds, Knife wounds, Deeper wounds, Creatures wounds, Laser wounds, Different bodyparts flying distance(changeable), Tile corpses: Normal - a common corpse w/o wounds; Explosion - bodyparts; Toxic - none, i have no idea about that, because different tiles might be used; Abyss(Chasm) - a claw-like sprite of falling into chasm; Turrets also working! Barbed wire also included :V
> Also vip corpses/bodyparts
> Not one image but position related corpses-sides
× The corpse wounds will be the ones that last-killed!
× We absolutely dont care of your custom skins, is made for original cs2d-skins, if you want you will re-draw them yourself, but keep in mind that all offsets should be followed, otherwise it lead to bad consequences of looking.

flame When you go test it do not forget about
and when you swipe it with yours make backup or copy the insides of mine(file, surely) into yours.

Is not a framework-thing like or addon. It may be used with another scripts. It might be used for customkills as long as you even a bit experienced and patient to read my code :P.

INFO The code made by me, so dont expect it to be nicely optimized and nicely made.. But if you'd follow normal using you wont have problems, afaik.
INFO The sprites made by user DatRat and some by me.
INFO It's tested, but if you found a bug or bugs or very bug or very bugs tell me.

illegal You can't claim it as yours(please :V)
illegal You can't re-upload the same version but the one you really well-developed with us in credits as a first creators(please :C)
√ You can edit all the files but keep in mind they're not fully yours.

Excuse me for my english and maybe wrong words usage.
Have fun.
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29.03.18 09:37:37 am
like I like it!
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If you want to use it in another scripts, so just use namespaces everywhere.
29.03.18 08:54:44 am
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@user Gaios: if u'd like to dofile it and use somewhere else you'd be able with locals? idr.
Is not required to repeat already said facts but well. Maybe i didnt pay attention at these functions...

It tested with one another script related to hits and it was worked good. It doesnt touch things that could be already occuped such as serveraction.
CHANGED something below

user RogerIT, i hope you tested and ensured of normal working of it before you said :c, thanks if is it true
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29.03.18 08:39:35 am
like I like it!
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It's like you want to use namespaces, but you don't do it for functions.. weird, just make functions too, like
. Anyway the code is terrible.. might not work with other scripts. Also why do you even don't use
feature?? It's annoying.
29.03.18 08:27:18 am
like I like it!
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Its funny, good script!
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