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21.01.20 03:24:25 am
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For some of y'all who followed my stuff for years, I decided to convert Stranded II's 'lost unit' - the Wildpig - into something more... animated. As it's composed of simple shapes, I did some face construction here, some animating there.

And voila! A cutey-patooty wild boar who gores into ya!
Have fun with the boar!

• Includes SFX, unit.inf, icon and model! Simply drag-copy-paste!
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by DC (21.01.20 07:49:39 pm)


1 comment
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21.01.20 07:53:20 pm
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looks kind of plain. You can't really tell what kind of animal it is.
EDIT: The horns need to be 3d, not just flat triangles. It makes it seem a bit. Also what do you mean by 'lost unit'?
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