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18.07.21 11:05:22 pm
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I started making this mod over a year ago and then quickly forgot about it. Only recently did I remember it and resume work on it. It's now ready for an initial release, a Version 1.0 so to speak.

This mod changes nothing about the core gameplay mechanics, but it does aim to do the following:

1. Change the English translation into an English localization. Those are different things - it seems that EwokChieftain and the other translators went for a direct translation instead of a localization, leading to awkward descriptions with poor grammar. This aims to change that. For example, I changed the description of Bread from:

"a loaf of bread. very filling!"


"A loaf of bread, if you can even call it that. Beggars can't be choosers, I guess. Either way, it's very filling."

This is just one example, but I think you can see what I'm doing here - adding proper English with personality so it doesn't feel rushed.

2. Removes all harmful substances from the game. Remember that one forum user named "capwagner" who complained back in the day, begging DC to remove all drugs from the game? If he would've behaved himself for another decade, he would've gotten exactly what he wanted! Forum nostalgia aside, this removes Wine, Hemp Leaves, Hemp Plants, and Joints completely, even from random maps and Adventure.

While turning Wine into Grape Juice was easy, removing hemp and hemp products wasn't. Adventure relies on them heavily, incorporating them into map05. Additionallly, there's a Weed Grandpa NPC who specializes in hemp. To work around this, I made the following changes:

- Hemp Plants are replaced by Sweet Berry Bushes, a new kind of bush that grow a new kind of berry...

- Sweet Berries! They're "too mushy to plant" but can be combined with normal berries to make the next new item...

- Pile of berries. This is the joint replacement, and it gets rid of more hunger and thirst than if you ate the two berry types seperately, so it's worth the extra effort of combining them.

- The natives' text has been altered to accomodate for this, same with the Grandpa.

- Notice how I didn't call him a Weed Grandpa? That's because he isn't anymore, he now grows Sweet Berries. He also constantly chews on a branch. Don't judge him!

3. Fixes some leftover German, such as "Ich hab hin!" appearing when you catch a parrot in the Adventure quest, plus the Native and Vine still being referred to as Eingeborener and Liana in some places.

4. Some smaller changes:

- Main menu music has been updated to "Snow Park NZ" by Junkie XL.

- Rucksack changed to Inventory.

- Character changed to Stats.

- Diary changed to Journal.

- Energy changed to Health.

- Fixed the English in the settings menu.

- Plums no longer make you produce excrement.

- The initial loading screen is now a bit more humourous.

- Added a few obscure references and a fourth wall break.

- Probably some other small things I forgot about.

This isn't done as I said previously, so there's still some things to do:

1. Go over the item names and descriptions, I think I missed some capitalization here and there.

2. Figure out how to edit .b3d models on the cheap so I can give Sweet Berries and Sweet Berry Bushes updated models.

3. Replace the British-sounding player voice with something else, even if it isn't a voice.

4. Edit scripts and paths to make the Yacht move farther, hiding the fact that it freezes in place mid-cutscene.

5. Mission text/journal entries/skill descriptions still need to be redone.

Please let me know if you find any bugs. Installation is currently a matter of extracting the mods folder and merging it with yours, replacing files Windows asks you about.
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ok This file has been reviewed and approved by DC (19.07.21 06:49:59 pm)


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06.10.23 07:19:19 am
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How were you able to edit the .b3d models?
19.07.21 02:14:10 am
Ah, that's where I got it from! SSX Blur, extracted from the game files from a different project of mine. I'll update the post.
18.07.21 11:54:18 pm
like I like it!
Mami Tomoe
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Looks nice!
The music is something along the lines of Snow Park NZ (probably a remix of some sort), in case you're wondering.
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