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I made this map 6-7 hour in. This is "SonicStar" map and ı changed new options. New smart zombies(bots) added and zombies path finding easily. Walls or other blocks for new paths have.

Started in bunker safe and dont have zombies. Map in a lot of
bunkers and areas. Snow is strongest and ENV sounds have map in
Birds or monster sounds, wings and waters sounds in map

Bunkers And Areas

Blizzard Dawn Station Bunker (Started Bunker)
Kaplica Bunker (Health Regeneration)
Atomic Bunker (South Helicopter Area for Attack Big Bombs)
Kaplan Bunker (Opened Main Gates and Emergency Room)

South Helicopter Area (Opened North Helicopter Area Gates for items)
North Helicopter Area (Opened Manison for items)
Ebru Manison (Manison have power items and super armor,laser.)

Blizzard Dawn Station for Quest !
-South helicopter area , North helicopter area , Ebru manison is quest. Harder quest but if finished take it power items.

Good games, İyi Oyunlar , SonicStar

Zm Maps
zm BlizzardRescue DawnOperation
zm ArmaResearch PointBlank
zm CarbonForce HydroStation

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