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08.07.12 06:19:55 am
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The message is here.
.seye ruoy fo tnorf ni thgir si ecnedive ehT .resolc kooL
.eno on dna enoyrevE ?nonemonehp D2DT siht gnisuac si ohW
.dam eb t'nod ,CD
.ti dragersid ,sruetama yb edam saw suriv tahT
.emit emas eht ta eno on dna enoyreve era eW
D2 ssenkraD ehT

The truth shall be discovered.

The Darkness 2D
The Darkness 2D
08.07.12 06:41:08 am
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"We are everyone and noone"? Are you fucking kidding me? What are you, some kind of "Oh, Anonymous is sooooooo cool, got to copy them!" guy? You are hilarious.
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08.07.12 03:18:02 pm
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Come one... writing texts backwards? Stealing slogans from Anonymous? Do you really think this is cool or what? How old are you? 6?! Get a life and stop being stupid. I assume that your account has only been created to suck around so I'll simply ban it forever. Good bye. Please don't come back.

and btw: The whole "The Darkness 2D" thing is "solved" already. So stop annoying me with it. PMs about it will not be answered.
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