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English Cast Away Mod (English)

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old Cast Away Mod (English)

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Update: March 09, 2013:
I have released the new version and updated the thread with more information about this mod.


Hey folks,

this thread is about a project of mine on which I'm now working since about end of 2008:
The "Cast Away" Mod version

I recently decided to translate it into English language because the German Stranded 2 section seems to be pretty much dead by now and the feedback was rather low from the beginning anyways.

In the current state it's still a pre-playable version which means you still can't really play yet, but at least you can have a look at some of there new features which there are:

∗∗∗ A large selection of 160 (with few exceptions) completely new items, 26 more are planned which makes a total of 186.
(For the complete list please read the included items.inf file.)

∗∗∗ Cooking system 2.0 >
     • YouTube-Video of the cooking system 2.0

∗∗∗ House building system >
     • YouTube-Video of the house building system

∗∗∗ Chess sytem >
     • YouTube-Video of the chess system

∗∗∗ Dream system >

More features are planned and I'll explain them when I find the time!

>> Download:

file stranded2 Cast Away Mod (English)

Previous versions >

Changelogs >

off-topic Although I try to playtest all the new things I implement there might of course still be some bugs which I don't know about yet. I'd be grateful if you reported them to me if you should find any, as long as they are not on the list below, so I can add them to the list and work on fixing them.
Bug list >

off-topic As I'm not a native English speaker I'd really appreciate it if someone who is could do a little spell check or something and tell me about the mistakes they come across! I want to deliver the best quality if possible and I'd welcome any help!

I wish you a lot of fun with the testing and hope to receive lots of feedback and constructive criticism!


Edits so far >
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old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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I would play it ONCE if it was in english to see if it's a game I like. When I am done playing it once and I tell myself I like...I would surely play again.

I say just do it and post it. If it is a good game it will bring players on it's own.

When I played it to check it out, I did not go far "at all" because I can not read German....I would have went "alot" farther if it was english. YES!

One thing I think will detour players is filesize when they go to download it. I went through Assasin's blocky mod and reduced it from 70MB to 23MB just removing junk Image files and unnessessary .mp3 sound files and also I re-made his textures from a 512x512 down to 256x256 increasing performance. So the download time was reduced by 2/3...and people like fast downloads.

old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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yes, I've been working on the package size since the last version I published.
the problem is that the size increased again because of new gameplay elements.

for example I reworked the entire cooking system which had some large images in it and I downgraded the game from a modified source code version to the normal one again so now I only need to include the mod folder and nothing above. on the other hand I included a new dream system which lets you see little images when sleeping which are either random or on a determined basis so they can be interpreted by the player. also I put in new models, mainly the first palms and trees.

I think I have the size optimised for the most part now. the current size when compressed is about 43MB compared to the currently uploaded version which has about 48MB. the size will grow again though of course as I'll be adding more stuff in the future.

old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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yeah, I should delete the intro sound files but actually the whole sfx folder is really no big deal with only 3MB compared to the gfx folder with 36MB and the sys folder with 15MB.

and change pixels of some textures
what's that supposed to mean?

old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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Textures resolution from ex. 512x512 to 256x256 or 128x128 (not always size is smaller so keep original)

Also sys/gfx folder have that weight because of .bmp textures which are heavy.. is possible to change source to use .png ?
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old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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I'd rather go with the higher-quality textures. the fact that the models just look better with them should justify a larger file size of the whole download.

as I said earlier the compressed paket is only about 43MB large and I think nowadays everyone should have the internet bandwidth to download this without much trouble.

old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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err... I'm not sure what that has to do with this thread...

EDIT: okay, the voting result seems to be pretty clear.
I think I'll start with the translation then and try to get the stuff I was working on for the next version together as fast as possible.
also I think I'll introduce a variable which can be set to "de" or "en" or something so I can chech in the scripts which language is needed and the german parts can still remain.
however as this is not possible in the definition files I'll pobably make the german text comments...
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old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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Alright, I think I should have translated everything now.

Here's an example of what most definitions look like now:
### Pineapple ### Ananas
behaviour=ammo:110, ammo:111, ammo:112, ammo:113
info=A pineapple sure looks funny but it's delicious nevertheless.
#info=Sie sieht schon lustig aus, die Ananas, aber köstlich ist sie allemal.
param=hunger, 35
param=urgency, 19
param=tiredness, 13
If I wanted to translate it back to german now I'd just have to switch the '#' symbols from line 4 to 3 and from line 14 to 13. The file sizes get a little larger this way but it shouldnt be that much of a problem.

There's only a few files which I replaced completely because they only had text in them or at least very much. Or some other stuff, like the speech files and such.

> I'll work towards the new version in the next few days but there are still some problems, for one with the new cooking system (version 2.0) where the serving still causes some strange things to happen.
The other part is the chess system for which I widely reworked the code but it's still a major mess...
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old Re: Cast Away Mod (English)

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like every other mod which has no exe file with it:
after extracting the zip file you copy everything to your local Stranded 2 folder.

the included Cast Away folder in the mods folder then should be in your main mods folder.

you can then use the Cast Away -win.bat file to start the mod.

this is a very common way to pack Stranded 2 mods because only the necessary stuff has to be downloaded.
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