English Guys That's For Who Can't Make Server Online

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Hello Guys ....
I Saw Many Peoples Have Problem With Make Servers Online .
I Make Solution For This Problem .
I Make New Video About How To make Your Server Online
Just Go Link And Watch .
I Hope All Learn And Fix His Problem .

How To Make Your Server Online

Have Fun !
Good Bye
11.07.15 04:27:21 am
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1. Bad title, it describes nothing.
2. You need to work on your grammar.
3. Your tutorial is too obvious, you just taught how to download and drop cs2d_dedicated into your CS2D folder.

This thread would have made a little bit of sense if at least you taught how the people should setup their routers to unblock their ports. Your tutorial was already written by user DC.

I'm closing this for obvious reasons.
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