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21.11.17 02:41:02 pm
The Grim Reaper
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Hello to all newcomers.Since some new players are going to play this game, we might as well tell them the basic stuff.

∗ How can I build?

1) Select a wrench, scroll up and down to get it.
2)Right click.
3) Do you see the square?
4) Move the square closer to you so that you can build.
5) It is green now. Left click again.
6) Then finally select the building that you want to build.

∗ Can I walk on this game?

1) Hold shift in while you walk with w,a,s and d.

∗ How can I zoom in with a awp, scout etc?

1) Select the weapon that can zoom in, scroll to get it.
2) Left click to aim and left click again to get a double aim.

• Right click is a weapon's special function. For example a silencer for the m4a1

∗ Night vision

1) Buy night vision.
2) Just press n.

• You can buy night vision when you are at the spawn when you press b.
• Zombies has night vision automatically, press n.

∗ Spray

1) You can spray by pressing t.

∗ Flashlight

1) You can use your flashlight by pressing f.

∗ The portal gun

1) Get a portal gun.
2) Shoot with it by pressing, the left mouse button.
3) Now shoot with the right mouse button, the special function.
4) Go in the portal.

• Not all maps has a portal gun. You can only buy a portal gun if it is enabled on the server settings.

∗ How can I my change zombie class?

1) Just press f2.
2) Go to zombie class or search for it. ( I'm not sure about its place, not all scripts are the same.)
3) Select your zombie.

• You can also buy items and vote players etc.
• You can only change a zombie class if the server supports it.
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21.11.17 02:56:01 pm
Talented Doge
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The only 2 concepts that really need to be written down as they are not told on the official page is the wrench and portal gun thing.
21.11.17 03:00:49 pm
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CS2D really needs in-game tips in the main menu.
21.11.17 03:02:44 pm
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jesus, you could've used these • ∗ > to make things look good
user DC has written:
@user omg: Actually a pretty good idea...
21.11.17 03:25:38 pm
The Grim Reaper
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I forgot the stars, thanks for the advice. I want to keep the numbers 'cause it indicates the steps.

Oh the minor stuff is part of the basics, no?
Also I did not know how to walk or use flashlight etc. When i first played this game.

Spoiler >
Pc died.
21.11.17 04:23:21 pm
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There's one thing wrong in the tutorial

You can buy a portal gun if you set it up on the server settings, it even has a default price and everything.

Edit: first look on the tutorial > Looks ugly, not well organized and simply cringy.

Your English skills are somewhat broken, leave the jokes aside in situations like these as well, since they only ruin the tutorial's serious mood.

Second look on the tutorial > Looks even uglier now

Try to improve it, please.
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