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English, a new hub for Russian-speaking players

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old, a new hub for Russian-speaking players

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Hello, world. Russian-speaking players have always been active in CS2D, from contributing to the community via scripts and mods to boosting the game's popularity just before its Steam release. During the last years, however, these players lacked the community to be part of, so we decided to address this problem.

On our Discord server, we're building a place for Russian-speaking players to play CS2D and discuss it. Our points of focus include:
• Competitive CS2D gaming (from 1x1s to 5x5s.) Although competition is an important factor, our community's matches don't have unnecessary toxicity.
• CS2D media (mainly tournament matches that we upload to our YouTube channel.)
• Mapping, scripting, and modding -- some of our members have rich experience in these areas.
• Shitposting and chatting -- otherwise, we wouldn't have a lot of content to offer you. ;p

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old Update: information about LaserCup 2020

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Hello world, again. Our community is currently hosting LaserCup 2020, a 2v2 edition of our classic laser tournament. A few links to get you started:

> file cs2d dm_tropical: a map for the RU2D LaserCup 2020 : The map that we created for this tournament, designed to bring a tactical aspect to a (seemingly) simple deathmatch gameplay.
> Team 8-e mesto vs. Team gamesense: A recording of a recent tournament match between two strong teams -- a great showcase of high-level play.
> Our Discord server: A place to watch and discuss the cup's matches.
> Tournament bracket: Challonge also supports match attachments, so we add links to recorded matches directly to the bracket.

Although DC never intended CS2D to be a viable competitive discipline, the tools he provided (map editor, among other things) facilitate it pretty well. Crazy to think that spending a few hours in the map editor may lead to dozens of hours of fun for other people. Thanks, DC.
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